Swachetha Hi Seva campaign was launched by our honorable Prime minister on 11th September. As part of cleanliness drive different activities like cleaning the class rooms, cleaning the school surrounding ,neighbor hood , taking pledge for cleaning etc.,were conducted in our school. Students have displayed charts on saving environment; saving water say no to plastics. In the assembly pledge was taken by the students regarding swatchatha, in order to maintain personal hygiene and healthy body, Importance of “Hand Washing” was emphasized among students from Pre Kg level to Senior Secondary level.
Special focus on “Plastic Waste management” as a key theme, on 20th Sep. a rally was conducted by class X students against the use of single use plastic bags, cups, cutlery items. They collected plastic waste from school neighbourhood and created awareness through placards and slogans. After that the collected waste plastics were safely disposed by school authorities. This program brought in awareness regarding “Ban on Plastics” among students and public.


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