Sairam Vidyalaya celebrated the Children’s day 14.11.19(Thursday) in a different manner, involving the students from PKG to Class V.

KGs had a Fancy Dress Competition the tiny tot were dressed as per the character and spoke for a minute in the mike.

The Pre KG students were dressed as Fruits and vegetables ‘like Mango, Carrot and so on, conveying a healthy message about the importance of its nutrients.

The students represented the divine incarnation of Gods dressed as Shiva Murugan, Radha etc.,.They carried the viewers to a different world, a divine world filled with mythology.

A wonderful treat for the parents and grandparents and they relished every moment of this event.
For classes I to V there was a drawing competition with different topics for each class. Every Topic helped the students to expose their talent and creativity. Class I had Vegetable Printing, Nature for classII, Animal Kingdom-Zoo for class III. Cleanliness, an Important feature in day to day life was stressed through the drawing of the students of Class IV.To have a safe, Peaceful and content life “Peace” is very important. This was stressed by Class V.
At the end of the day, Sweets were distributed and the Children left the campus in a happy mood.

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