72nd Republic Day Celebration – 2021

The Republic day was celebrated in a solemn manner, without a chief guest. The teaching staff and Non – Teaching staff celebrated in a novel way.
The celebration started with the prayer, by the staff and flag up sung by the staff. The four houses Eyre, Yorke, Murray, Flinders – the house teachers with their captain and vice captain marched past saluting the flag, The national flag was hoisted by our principal, the captains of the housed carried their house flaps with pride and dignity.
Relating to the present pandemic situation yoga – five asanas – were displayed by all the staff, and simple exercises using Lezium was done.
Speeches in English, Tamil, Hindi related to the republic day was presented by thestaffs. As for the entertainment, Bharathiyar’s song செந்தமிழ் நாடெனும் —- was sung by the representative of all the four houses. This was followed by a group dance on a patriotic song by the representatives of all the departments. We had one student Selvi.C.Dhaarini of X A,Who presented a solo dance, as a representative of the students. Prizes were distributed to the house winners and also to Ayahs.

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