Vegetables day was celebrated on 03.08.18

This year our school has started with a nouvel idea of celebrating a “Specific day”. We have been celebrating “Fruits day”, “Clour day”, Along this line live have implemented this new idea of celebrating “Vegetable day for the month of august. Every month we will be celebrating a day. “Vegetables’ day” was celebrated on 03.08.18 exclusively for KG kids. Children brought real vegetables as well as vegetable models. Enthusiastic parents made beautiful charts of vegetables. There was a display of models as well as charts. Children brought raw vegetables for their snacks, and more cooked vegetables and less rice for their lunch. Everyone knows that small children are attracted towards junk food rather than healthy food. In order to make them understand the importance of adding more vegetables in their daily meal this day was celebrating. Kids are tutored to learn the names of the vegetables and their nutrient value.

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