This year Pongal celebration was held in a different and interesting manner. On 13.01.20 (Monday) children from class V to XII were asked to come in their traditional dress, with No books.

The earthen pots were decorated. Nine traditional kilns were set up to cook the Sweet Pongal.Dry fire wood sticks were used for cooking in a traditional manner. Nine decorated earthen pots were placed and the cooking was done by the teachers of different department. The enthusiastic voices calling of “Pongalo Pongal”, by the teachers echoed everywhere. Charts on Pongal celebration were displayed. School premise was decorated with flowers, sugarcanes and beautiful artistic rangolis by the teachers. After the pooja to Sun God the Pongal was distributed to everyone.

On the other side children entertained everyone with variety programmes.Games like songs, skits; dance was organized by the Tamil department.

The students and the staff dispersed at 1 o’clock after celebration holding the sugarcane in hand and with the sweetness in their tongue and mind.

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