FIELD TRIP 2019-2020

This year our school we went on a field trip to two different places with two batches of students and Teachers.
The first batch – Class IV to VIII visited THE RAIL MUSEUM at Villivakkam. We left at 8.45 and reached at 10.30. The journey in our Sairam school bus was enjoyable both to students and the teachers. We saw different models of train from the old model till the latest we went on a ride in a toy train. We saw a documentary film on the gradual progress achieved in the Rail Industry. Interesting facts and information helped the students to get better Knowledge about the Rail system. The Students enjoyed this trip every moment and returned back to school with brimming happiness and satisfaction.
The Second batch of students from class IX to XII visited “OFERR NALLAYAN RESEARCH CENTER”, at Navalur. We were welcomed with a refreshing drink. This is an NGO organization of srilankan refugees. The students were taken around in batches and detailed explanation was given by the volunteers. This farm had many medicinal plants and trees, poultry farm along with goats cows rabbits etc..We also watched how fishing is done with a live demonstration. Then we saw how SPIRULINA is taken and prepared as a powder which is supposed to be a health drink. The volunteers presented a live demo how spirulina is gathered from the water. This hands on experience was a great help to the students specially as this was a part of their subject.
This field trip from class IV to XII turned out to be not only an excursion but an edutainment trip both teachers and the students enjoyed this field trip.

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