Swachhata Pakhwada

A Clean environment is vital to have a peaceful and healthy life. As per CBSE circular, we at SaiRam Vidyalaya have observed swachhata pakhwada from 1st to 15th September, 2018 by organizing the following participatory activities.

  • Swachhata shapath Day (01.09.2018)
  • Swachhata Awareness Day (02.09.2018 to 04.09.2018)
  • Green school Drive (05.09.2018)
  • Swachhata Participation Day (06.09.2018)
  • Handwash Day (07.09.2018)
  • Personal Hygiene Day (08.09.2018)
  • Community Participation Day (09.09.2018 and 10.09.2018)
  • Swachhata School Exhibition Day (11.09.2018)
  • Swachhata Water Day (12.09.2018)
  • Water Harvesting Day (13.09.18)
  • Letter writing Day (14.09.2018)
  • Prize Distribution Day (15.09.2018)

The above activities are conducted within our school premises and in the neighbourhood places to enable this mission of cleanliness to the community thereby creating mass awareness. As per the plan the mission is successful.

Click here to view – SWACHHATA PLEDGE

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