Pongal Celebrations

This year Pongal celebrations were held in a different and interesting manner. On 12.01.19 (Saturday) children from class V to XI were asked to come in their traditional dress, without books.

Nine earthen pots were used to prepare sweet pongal in the traditional way using firewood by various departments and office staff and sub-staff. Everyone took part in the preparation of sweet pongal. Offering to the sun god was displayed and arranged. It was distributed to all the students and staff.

As usual children entertained everyone with variety programmes. which was organized by the Tamil department.

Kolam competition was held for teachers and the results were announced immediately and a small prize was given to the winners.

The students and the staff dispersed at 1 o’clock after celebration taking them with the sweetness in their tongue and mind.

To top it all, the celebration was a feast and treat to Everyone.

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